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The Value of Community

If you are familiar with Marvel’s Avenger movies, you know that one common theme is that teamwork will ultimately create victory. Multiple superheroes can each have strength in a different area, yet what ultimately saves the day is how they work together as a team.

In The Avengers, the leader is Nick Fury. While he has no superpowers, his skill set is crucial to the Avengers’ success. He identifies everyone’s strength, analyzes what will overcome the threat, and pull together a team to counter it.

If you want success in your business, you need to identify how to build a community instead of acting as the lone ranger that saves the day.

Identify Your Needs

You probably know your strengths because you based your business on them. Whether it’s a hobby, a natural talent, or learning how to identify an opportunity, you knew what value you bring. However, there have probably been some rough times because of a skill you lack.

What is your pain point? Maybe it’s organization, legal issues, or financing. Perhaps you’re a visionary but you have difficulty translating that into specific processes and systems that bring your vision to life. Write down your pain points to see how others can help you.

Evaluate Others Around You

Sometimes when we have a need, we first we think about hiring someone. Before doing that, consider people you know, such as friends or family members. Or a faithful customer who is already familiar with your business. There are skilled people around you that you may not be aware of.

Communication can be vital if you aren’t aware of everyone’s skills. Get to know the people around you. Ask them questions to understand what they are good at. Maybe one of your customers could be your next significant breakthrough just waiting to happen. Open communication with them; finding those who can help will surprise you.

Embrace Humility

It’s important not to compare yourself to those you’re working with. Someone gifted and skilled does not diminish your skills or value.

If you always try to be the best, either others will put you to shame, or you will reject them for their strengths. Recognize your value, regardless of your skills. Doing that helps you to accurately judge your
strengths and see how you can help others, just as you can see their strengths and how they can help you. You might trade goods or services with others in a way that is benefits everyone.

When multiple people work together, the result is exponential, not additional growth. If two people can each lift 50 pounds, they can lift more than 100 pounds when they work together. As you build your
community, if you recognize that everyone’s strengths can work together, you can make a more significant impact as a team than individually.

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