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The Benefits of Hosting Your Own Courses

In today’s world of options, there are many ways to perform any task. You can watch movies on multiple streaming platforms, share your pictures on various social media platforms, and for dinner, will you make it at home, go out, or have it delivered?

Choosing a way to host your courses is no different. A lot of platforms allow you to upload your lessons. So why go the route of investing in your platform? Here are three simple reasons:

1. Own Your Brand

Whether you have already branded your company or are just starting, you should remember one important thing: people won’t forget how you made them feel. Whether because of the colors, fonts, and logos you use or the simplicity and convenience of accessing your site, how
they feel will affect how frequently they visit you and share your content with others.

Posting your content on another platform severely limits your control over your brand. Some sites may offer a choice of theme colors and a logo upload, but interference from their brand may force yours to
compete. Maybe your brand is minimalistic. If content clutters their site, it works against your brand.

2. Add Extra Content

Another issue you may encounter by hosting your courses elsewhere is a limit on the information that you can share outside of the courses. This can range from a single paragraph describing your class to a templated landing page that gives a little more info about you or your business.

Your platform gives you more control over the content. It may be a single homepage introducing you to everyone or a built-out site with “About Us” pages, a breakdown of your products and services, and your blog. You may include an e-commerce site alongside your course. Your platform gives you endless possibilities.

3. Maximize Your Profits

You should own the content you create and profit from it. Many sites operate as if they own your content and keep some of the charges for your work. They pay for referrals, but only those you make, and for the number of minutes the purchaser watched your teaching.

With your content on your platform, you control your payouts and your payment schedule. When someone buys your course, you get the total purchase price. It’s that simple.

Simplexity Skill helps you to get your courses out while keeping the control in your hands. Whether you are using the easy-to-get-started service or purchasing an all-inclusive website, you will have ownership of your content. All sites made with Simplexity Skill offer full color customization, unlimited possibilities for fonts, and availability to add your own logos, images, and graphics wherever you like.

If you are interested in even more options, you can choose to add content and pages to your site at your own leisure, or you can hire a professional to help design and activate your vision. Find out which option works best for you and get started today.