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Fostering a Valuable Community

We all enjoy the awkward moments and various mishaps of comedy films. Still, the blockbuster hits that genuinely inspire us and make a lasting impact are those in which someone reaches into someone, recognizes greatness, and pulls it out of them to help them accomplish something they didn’t realize they could do.

When building a community, here are a few steps to help inspire people around you and create situations where everyone calls out the best in each other.

Ask Questions

Everyone loves to help other people. We desire to help so much that we often give unwarranted advice when people aren’t asking for it. But how many times have you asked someone a question and they didn’t have an answer or had no desire to help you? Probably not often, if ever. When people hear a question, they want to give their advice. They want to help someone achieve something that they couldn’t otherwise.

When sharing in a community, feel free to ask all the questions you can to gain knowledge you didn’t have or to help others think. Mulling things over allows ideas to emerge.

Stop The Trolls

Nobody likes having a toxic person in their environment. Or someone who only has negative things to say, only criticizes, or makes it their life goal to see others fail. When you see this happening, make it a point to address it.

The action doesn’t need to be an immediate blocking or deletion. One can sometimes address the issue positively by helping someone realize that they can offer solutions instead of problems. If the person continues being a pest and doesn’t have any value to bring, feel free to get rid the community of them. But sometimes it becomes a habit that people don’t recognize. All they need to do is learn to look for the solution rather than the problem.

Be Consistent

Consistency can make or break communication. If people go into a forum and see lots of communication, with people talking, they’re more open to sharing their ideas. But if they go into a place and see that no one has addressed a comment in six months, they will probably think the space wasn’t available for talking. Or that they won’t receive a response if they ask a question.

Just as objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and those at rest like to remain at rest, a community that openly and actively has conversations will foster more communication. A community that remains stagnant will almost certainly continue to do the same.

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